A conference in honor of F.R. "Buck" McMorris

on the occasion of his 65th birthday and retirement

Friday, May 9 – Saturday, May 10

in Chicago, IL, at the Illinois Institute of Technology

(Supported by the Department of Applied Mathematics and the College of Science and Letters at IIT)

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Michael Jacobson, University of Colorado at Denver
Michael Pelsmajer (local organizer)
Robert Powers, University of Louisville

List of Participants

Michael Ackerman, Bellarmine University
Gruia Calinescu, CS, IIT
Igor Cialenco, IIT
William H.E. Day, retired (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Jinquiao "Jeffrey" Duan, IIT
Robert Ellis, IIT
George Estabrook, U. Michigan
Greg Fasshauer, IIT
Jerry Frank, IIT
Ophir Frieder, CS, IIT
Pierre Hansen, Data Mining Chair HEC Montreal
Stephen Hartke, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Fred Hickernell, IIT
Carlos "Cal" Johnson
Xiaofan Li, IIT
Mike Jacobson, University of Colorado at Denver
Mel Janowitz, DIMACS
Sanjiv Kapoor, CS, IIT
Hemanshu Kaul, IIT
Ewa Kubicka, University of Louisville, Mathematics
Grzegorz Kubicki, University of Louisville, Mathematics
François-Joseph Lapointe, Biology, University of Montreal
Patrick McCray, IIT
Terry McKee, Wright State University
Boris Mirkin, Birkbeck College, University of London
Michal Morayne, Wroclaw U. Technology
Martyn Mulder, Econometrisch Instituut, Erasmus Universiteit, Rotterdam
Oscar Ortega, IIT
Michael Pelsmajer, IIT
Gertrude Pirnie
Bob Powers, University of Louisville
K. Brooks Reid, Cal State San Marcos
Ed Reingold, CS, IIT
Fred Roberts, DIMACS and Rutgers University
Helen Roberts, Montclair State University

Tentative Schedule

All talks are in the Engineering 1 building (E1).

 9:15 Welcome E1 106
 9:30 Ed Reingold
 10:00 Ewa Kubicka
 10:30 Terry McKee
 11:00 Coffee E1 102
 11:30 William H.E. Day E1 106
 12:00 François-Joseph Lapointe
 12:30 George F Estabrook
 1:00 – 2:00 Lunch (Chicago-style pizza) E1 102
 2:00 – 3:30 Tour of IIT's campus  MTCC
 4:00 – 7:00 Join IIT-CSL party for Buck at The Bog (heavy nibbles and drinks)  Hermann Hall 
 9:30 Grzegorz Kubicki E1 123
 10:00 Michael Ackerman
 10:30 Coffee E1 104
 11:00 Fred Roberts E1 123
 11:30 Ophir Frieder
 12:00 – 2:30 Lunch (Chinatown dim sum) 
 2:30 Pierre Hansen E1 123
 3:00 Boris Mirkin
 3:30 Coffee E1 104
 4:00 Robert C Powers E1 123
 4:30 H. Martyn Mulder
 5:00 Go Downtown for Banquet


Registration was due April 25. It sufficed to email Michael Pelsmajer. There is a fee of $40 (waived for invited speakers).

If you have not registered yet but would still like to participate, please email Michael Pelsmajer.

Giving a talk

F.R. McMorris has published well over 100 research papers and two books, primarily using discrete mathematics to solve problems in biology, data analysis, voting theory, location theory, theoretical computer science, and other areas. [MathSciNet] [Feb 2002 c.v.]

We welcome submissions for talks on any subject related to something that he has done in the past. Talks will be roughly 30 minutes long. If you are thinking about speaking, please email Michael Pelsmajer as soon as possible to indicate your interest. Titles & abstracts were due April 25.

There will be a laptop and digital projector, as well as an overhead projector.

There will be no conference proceedings. However, Jinqiao (Jeffrey) Duan is putting together a volume of papers in honor of Buck; please contact him if you are interested in submitting a paper for that.

Support for travel, hotel, etc.

We expect to have limited funding available to partially support some speakers. We encourage you to take advantage of your own institute or funding agency's resources, but if you need financial support, send me an email as soon as possible, detailing the extent of your need.

Travel Information

Map and Directions to IIT
[Google maps]

IIT's campus is easily accessible by car or by public transportation (Red or Green line on CTA, also see trip planner).
All talks are in the Engineering 1 building, and The Bog is in Hermann Hall. [Campus Map]


There are several options.

IIT has deals with a few hotels downtown:
Club Quarters (two downtown locations, $129/night, you must mention "Illinois Institute of Technology")
[More hotels]

[On Campus: no more available rooms]

You might try using an online hotel finder. Using Kayak.com, I found two reasonable, inexpensive hotels:
- Chinatown Hotel SRO Ltd. $86/night (1 stop from IIT on Red Line, 2 stops from downtown)
- Travelodge Hotel Downtown Chicago $99/night: (south part of downtown, 2 blocks from Red Line, 2 stops from IIT)
(There are many cheaper ones, too, but not so well-located.)

Sharing a room
If you are interested in sharing a room with another participant, email me and I will help you make connections with others like you.

If you don't mind sharing a room with strangers, there's a very inexpensive, nice-looking hostel downtown. (No age restriction)


Email Michael Pelsmajer with any/all questions, please, at pelsmajer_at_iit_dot_edu

Last updated on Sept 4, 2008

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