Applied Mathematics Colloquium

Schedule, Fall 2002

Tuesday, Sept.3, 3:00-4:00, Room E1 106: Manfred Denker (Institut für Mathematische Stochastik, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany), "Exactness for Group Extensions".
Tuesday, Sept.3, 4:30-5:30, Room E1 119: Ludwig Arnold (Department of Mathematics, Universität Bremen, Germany), "Random Dynamical Systems: An Introduction".
Wednesday, Sept.4, 4:30-5:30, Room E1 034: Peter Imkeller (Department of Mathematics, Humboldt Universität Berlin, Germany), "Stochastic Resonance".
Monday, Oct.21, 3:30-4:30, SB 104 (jointly with CS and ECE Departments, IIT): Jack Dongarra (Department of Computer Science, University of Tennessee), "High Performance Computing, Computational Grid, and Numerical Libraries".
Wednesday, Oct.23, 4:30-5:30, Room E1 121: Radhika Ramamurthi (Department of Mathematics, California State University, San Marco), "Reliable Single Message Transmission and Graph Minors".
Wednesday, Oct.30, 4:30-5:30, Room E1 103: Robert Powers (Department of Mathematics, University of Louisville), "Independence and Social Choice".
Thursday, Nov.14, 4:00-5:00, Room E1 103: Terry McKee (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Wright State University), "Seeing the Graphs through the Trees".
Wednesday, Dec.4, 4:30-5:30, Room E1 119: Lan Wen (Department of Mathematics, Northwestern University, visiting from Peking University, China), "Minimally Nonhyperbolic Sets for Diffeomorphisms C1 away from Homoclinic Bifurcations".

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