Applied Mathematics Seminar

Mondays, 4:30-5:30 p.m.

E1 Room 244

Schedule, Fall 2002

Monday, Sep.9: Xiaofan Li (Applied Mathematics, IIT), "An Introduction to Departmental Scientific Computing".
Monday, Sep.16: Greg Fasshauer (Applied Mathematics, IIT), "Using Powerpoint with LaTeX, and Maple Updates". POSTPONED
Monday, Sep.16: Shangbin Cui (Department of Mathematics, and the Mathematical Biology Institute, Ohio State University), "A Singular Ordinary Differential Equation Free Boundary Problem Modeling Tumor Growth".
Monday, Sep.23: Gruia Calinescu (Department of Computer Science, IIT), "Symmetric Connectivity with Minimum Power Consumption in Radio Networks".
Monday, Sep.30: Peidong Liu (Visiting Professor, Applied Mathematics, IIT, Peking University, China) "Sinai-Ruelle-Bowen Measures for Random Dynamical Systems".
Monday, Oct.7: Katsuyo Thornton (Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University), "Large-Scale Simulation of Coarsening of Misfitting Particles".
Monday, Oct.14: Greg Fasshauer (Applied Mathematics, IIT), "Using Powerpoint with LaTeX, and Maple Updates". Download (.zip compressed): Powerpoint presentation, Maple files (worksheets and maplets) 
Monday, Oct.21: see Colloquium announcement for this day
Monday, Oct.28: Gady Agam (Department of Computer Science, IIT), Title TBA.
Monday, Nov.4: Vincent J. Ervin (Department of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University), "Adaptive, and Time Dependent, Viscoelastic Fluid Flow Approximation".
Monday, Nov.11: Yuri Latushkin (Department of Mathematics, University of Missouri-Columbia), "Essential Spectrum of the Linearized Euler Equations and Evolution Semigroups".
Monday, Nov.18: Seog-Jin Kim (Department of Mathematics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), "On the Chromatic Number of Intersection Graphs of Convex Sets in the Plane".
Monday, Nov.25: Abdul Khaliq (Department of Mathematics, Western Illinois University), RESCHEDULED for Feb.10.
Monday, Dec.2: Michael Pelsmajer (Applied Mathematics, IIT), "Equitable Choosability for Graphs of Bounded Tree-width"


Refreshments served before the presentation in E1 244 .

Please contact Greg Fasshauer ( (567-3149) if interested. 

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