Applied Mathematics Colloquium

Schedule, Fall 1999

Wednesday, Oct.27, 4:00p.m.:
Stuart 111
Professor Frank Harary (Computer Science Dept., New Mexico State University) "Achievement and Avoidance Games on geometries, graphs, grids, groups and numbers".
Friday, Nov.5, 3:00p.m.:
Life Sciences 152
Professor Alar Toomre (Department of Mathematics, MIT) "N Charges in Equilibrium on the Sphere". (jointly with Physics Colloquium)
Monday, Nov.22, 3:30p.m.:
Engineering 1, 104
Professor Paul J. Sally, Jr. (Department of Mathematics, University of Chicago) "Problems in Mathematics - Zero to Infinity". (IIT Sigma Xi Fall Lecture)
Monday, Dec.13, 4:00p.m.:
Engineering 1, 104
Professor Larry L. Schumaker (Department of Mathematics, Vanderbilt University) "Recent Advances in Macro-Element Methods".


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