Applied Mathematics Seminar

Mondays, 4:30-5:30 p.m.

E1 Room 241

Schedule, Spring 2003

Monday, Jan.27: Ed Reingold (Computer Science, IIT), "Line Drawing and Leap Years".
Monday, Feb.3: Michael Miksis (Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University), "Complex Interfacial Flows with Contact Lines".
Monday, Feb.10: Abdul Khaliq (Department of Mathematics, Western Illinois University), "Numerical Simulation of Black-Scholes Model
For American Option".
See also a colloquium for this day.
Monday, Feb.17: Jeff Xia (Department of Mathematics, Northwestern University), "Instability and Arnold Diffusion in Hamiltonian Dynamics".
Monday, Feb.24: Jibin Li (Kunming University of Science and Technology), "Hilbert's 16th Problem and Bifurcations of Planar Vector Fields".
Monday, Mar.3: Weigu Li (Department of Mathematics, Michigan State University, visiting from Peking University), "Extension of Floquet's Theory to Nonlinear Periodic Differential Systems and Embedding Diffeomorphisms in Differential Flows".
Monday, Mar.10: Zhilin Li (Center For Research in Scientific Computation & Mathematics, North Carolina State University), "Shape Identification via the Level Set Method".
See also a colloquium for this day.
Monday, Mar.24: Andrei Fursikov (Moscow State University), "Stabilization of Solutions to Navier-Stokes System by Feedback Boundary Control".
Monday, Mar.31: Michael Kelly  (Stuart School of Business, IIT), "On the Numerical Solution of SDEs using Mathematica".
Monday, Apr.7: K. Brooks Reid (Department of Mathematics, California State University, San Marcos and University of Colorado at Denver), "Where is the Middle of a Tree?".
Monday, Apr.14 (jointly with Department of Mathematics and Science Education): Chris Rasmussen (Department of Mathematics, Computer Science & Statistics, Purdue University Calumet), "The Role of Tools and Bodily Activity in Mathematical Learning and What This Suggests for Characterizations of Knowing".
Monday, Apr.21: Jesus Miranda (Applied Mathematics, IIT), "Solving Partial Differential Equations by Using Radial Basis Functions and Parallel Programming".
Monday, Apr.28: Jeffrey Duan (Applied Mathematics, IIT), "Introduction to Stochastic Differential Equations".
Monday, May.5: Shi Jin (Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison), "Computation of Multivalued Solutions in Nonlinear PDEs".


Refreshments served before the presentation in E1 TBA .

Please contact Greg Fasshauer ( (567-3149) if interested. 

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