Applied Mathematics Seminar

Mondays, 4:30-5:30 p.m.

E1 Room 244

Schedule, Spring 2004

Monday, Jan.26: see colloquia for this week
Monday, Feb.2: see colloquium for this day
Monday, Feb.9: Jeffrey Duan (Applied Mathematics, IIT), "Three-Dimensional Nonhydrostatic Overflows: Numerics, Dynamics and Stochastics".
Monday, Feb.16: Chi-Wang Shu (Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University), "Survey and Recent Development of WENO Schemes".
Monday, Feb.23: Jérome Colin (Laboratoire de Métallurgie Physique, Université de Poitiers, France), "Morphological Instability, Buckling and Delamination of Multilayered Structures under Stress".
Monday, Mar.1: Papa Amar Sissokho (Department of Mathematics, Illinois State University), "Light Spanners in Weighted Graphs with Forbidden Minors".
Monday, Mar.8:  Chuck Gartland (Department of Mathematical Sciences, Kent State University), "Numerical Modeling of Periodic Structures  in Liquid Crystal Films".
Monday, Mar.22:
Monday, Mar.29: Michael Pelsmajer (Applied Mathematics, IIT), "Reliable Single Message Transmission".
Monday, Apr.5: Peter Kotelenez (Department of Mathematics, Case Western Reserve University), "Correlated Brownian Motions and the Depletion Phenomenon".
Monday, Apr.12: Mark Freidlin (Department of Mathematics, University of Maryland at College Park), "Stochastic Resonance and  Related Problems".
Monday, Apr.19: Buck McMorris  (Applied Mathematics, IIT), "Agreement Subtrees".
Monday, Apr.26: Patrick Van Fleet (Center for Applied Mathematics, University of St. Thomas), "Factoring Orthogonal Multiwavelet Transformations".
Monday, May 3:
Zhongxing Ye (visiting University of Southern California from Shanghai Jiaotong University, China), "Survey and Recent Development of the Theory and Algorithms on Optimal Portfolio".


Refreshments served before the presentation in E1 244.

Please contact Greg Fasshauer ( (567-3149) if interested. 

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