Math 251 : Multivariable and Vector Calculus

Instructor: Hemanshu Kaul

Office: 234B, Engineering 1
Phone: (312) 567-3128
E-mail: kaul [at]

Time: 11:25am, Monday-Wednesday-Friday.
Place: 108, Perlstein Hall.
Office Hours: 3:30pm-4:30pm Monday and Wednesday, walk-ins, and by appointment. Emailed questions are also encouraged.

Tutoring Service: Mathematics tutoring at the Academic Resource Center.

Online Problem Practice: Calculus III book at COW (Calculus on Web).

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Course Information:

The Course Information Handout has extensive description of the course - topics, textbook, student evaluation policy, as well as other relevant information. Read it carefully!

The official course syllabus.

Advice for students:

How to read Mathematics? Basics, More Details.
How to study and learn math.
Understanding Mathematics - a study guide

Class Announcements:


Homework Assignments:

The assignments below indicate the problems that you should thoroughly understand in order to do well in class. If you need to practice more - the book provides many more problems (Remember that the Student's Solution Manual has solutions to all odd numbered problems). Turn in only the blue colored problems below.

Class Log:

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