MATH 332-001 Matrices (Elementary Linear Algebra)

Instructor: Hemanshu Kaul

Office: 234B, Engineering 1
Phone: (312) 567-3128
E-mail: kaul [at]

Time: 1:50pm, Monday and Wednesday.
Place: 103, Engineering 1 Bldg.

Office Hours: 3:05pm-4:15pm Monday, and 2pm-3pm Tuesday, walk-ins, and by appointment. Emailed questions are also encouraged.

Tutoring Service: Mathematics tutoring at the Academic Resource Center.

Online Problem Practice: Linear Algebra book at COW (Calculus on Web).

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Course Information:

The Course Information Handout has extensive description of the course - topics, textbook, student evaluation policy, as well as other relevant information. Read it carefully!

What is this course really about? Required reading.

The official course syllabi: MATH 332.

Advice for students:

Excellent advice by Doug West on how to write homework solutions for proof-based problems.

Why do we have to learn proofs?
Understanding Mathematics - a study guide
On a more abstract note, here is a discussion of Language and Grammar of Mathematics - which is what you are starting to learn in a course like this.

Excellent advice for math majors, especially those planning to go on to graduate school, by Terry Tao, 2006 Fields medallist. Required reading.

Class Announcements:


Homework Assignments:

You only have to submit solutions to written problems.
However, solving a majority of the suggested problems is strongly encouraged. Solving these problems will improve your understanding of the course material and better prepare you for the exams.

Do not forget to do the reading HWs.

Class Log:

Links for Additional Information:

  • Student companion site for the textbook
  • Linear Algebra Toolkit for practice and play.
  • Linear Algebra Notes by Paul Dawkins.
  • Ask Dr. Math.

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