Math 100 Introduction to the Profession

Instructor: Hemanshu Kaul

Office: 125C, Engineering 1
Phone: (312) 567-3128
E-mail: kaul [at]

Time: 11:25am, Tuesday & Thursday.
Place: 119, Engg. 1 Bldg. for lectures; and 112F, Stuart Bldg. for labs.

Office Hours: 3:15-4:15pm Tuesday and Thursday, and by appointment.
Emailed questions are also encouraged.

Recommended TA Office Hours: Chris Mitillos, at 1:30pm-4:30pm Monday, 129, E1 Building.

Course Information:

The Course Information Handout has extensive description of the course - topics, textbook, student evaluation policy, as well as other relevant information. Read it carefully!

The official course syllabi.

Advice for students:

How to read Mathematics? The Basics, More Details.
How to study and learn Math.
Understanding Mathematics - a study guide

On a more abstract note, here is a discussion of Language and Grammar of Mathematics - which is what you are starting to learn in a course like this.

Excellent advice for math majors, especially those planning to go on to graduate school, by Terry Tao, 2006 Fields medallist. Required reading.

Class Announcements:

The project requires you to work in teams of 2-3 students with the Professor offering the project. The project adviser will specify the details of what his/her project entails, the outlines are given in the descriptions below.
The successful completion of the project entails:

Before the project Starts -

1) Send me an email with your choice of project(s) by Wednesday, 9/24. Projects will be assigned in first-come first-serve order.
2) After I confirm your project and team members on Thursday, 9/25, set up an appointment via email with your chosen project adviser before Fri, 9/26 .

After the project starts -

3) Regular meetings with the project adviser and following his instructions.
4) A midterm report on the status of the project as required by the faculty adviser.
5) A final meeting with project adviser before Wednesday, 12/3 to confirm the completion of the project, and discuss the outcome of the project.
6) Submission of project report before the project presentation during Final exam week.
7) Final project presentation in front of your classmates during Final exam week.

Homework Assignments:

MATLAB Information:

Our textbook:
Moler's Experiments with MATLAB

Campus locations/labs with Matlab:
Stuart Bldg Room 112 E,F
Tech North Room 110
Siegel Hall Room 237

Matlab Links for More Information

Lecture Topics:

Special Lectures:

Links for Additional Information: