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MATH 151-01 and MATH 151-02: Calculus I
Fall 2014

Course Information including grading scheme, much more! (generic syllabus for MATH 151)
Writing Project Guidelines

Teachers and Tutors

Instructor: Michael Pelsmajer
Office: E1 206
Office Hours: Wednesday 11:30am-12:30pm, and by appointment. To arrange a meeting, talk to me before or after class, or send an e-mail with a list of convenient times.
Office Phone: 312-567-5344 (but e-mail is better)
E-mail: pelsmajer_(AT)_iit_(DOT)_edu

Lab/Recitation TA for Math 151-01 and Math 151-02: Francisco Hernandez
Office Hours: Monday 10am-12pm, Wednesday 3:15-4:15pm, in E1 129

More Teaching Assistants: several graduate students
Shared Office: E1 129
Office Hours: Schedule (updated September 3)

Academic Resource Center (ARC): peer tutoring, exam reviews, and much more
Writing Center (for help with Writing Projects)
Counseling Center for any non-academic problems (except for administration issues, for which there is One Stop)

Worthwhile Advice

How to Ace Calculus: The Streetwise Guide provides highly readable explanations of the key topics of calculus, without the technical details and fine print that would be found in a more formal text.
For example, see "Twenty Most Common Exam Mistakes" and "What's on the Final?".

Success in Mathematics: an excellent, well-organized collection of tips. I wish I wrote it.

How To Study Math. In a nutshell, sleep enough, and start everything ASAP. While that is common sense, what's interesting here is the explanation of why it's particularly important for mathematics.

How To Read Mathematics. In a nutshell, don't expect it to go smoothly: It's not like reading a novel. (Follow the link to learn what you should do.)

Exam Schedule

Exams will take place during regular class meetings on September 19, October 29, and December 3. The cumulative final exam is 8:00-10:00am Monday, December 9 for Section 01 and it is 8:00-10:00am Thursday, December 11 for Section 02 (scheduled by the registrar).

Schedule of Topics

Each day, you can see what we plan to cover during the lecture, lab, or recitation. This information is maintained in the Google Calendar below.

You can add this information to your IIT Google Calendar as follows: Log in to MyIIT. Then use Google Apps to get to the Google calendar. Then find the box labeled "Add a friend's calendar", and paste the following into that box:
(If you run into any trouble, or if you know a better way to do this, talk to me.)

(Although Lab/Recitation topics are shown on Mondays, actually Section 01 meets Thursdays at 8:35am and Section 02 meets Mondays at 3:15pm.)

Labs/Writing Projects

Labs are in Stuart Building (SB) rooms 112E/112F, roughly every other week. (Other weeks we have Recitations in Technology Park - South (TS) room 3A2-1, 3424 S. State St.) map

August 25 or 28: Getting started with WebAssign and Mathematica
If you run into any trouble today, don't hesitate to ask! Our main purpose here today is to get you up to speed quickly.

  1. Follow this link: Enter your class key.
    For the 8:35am section (Math 151-01), the Class Key is "iit 3673 4031".
    For the 10:00am section (Math 151-02), the Class Key is "iit 5892 4222".
  2. Change your Notification settings:
    Look in the upper right corner for "Notifications | Help | My Options"; select Notifications. A window will open where you can set up Email Notifications and enter your email address.
  3. Do "Homework 0". It should be really quick.
  4. Go to "Past Assignments" and click on the assignment you find there. Read the directions. (You will need to request an "extension".)
  5. Quit WebAssign! (You will do all homework through WebAssign, but not right now: Don't do it during the lab.)
  6. Download IntroductionFall2014.nb. Open it with Mathematica. Follow the directions. You may work with a partner. Due Friday, September 5 at the start of class.

All the remaining labs are in Mathematica and they all include a "writing project". You can work with a partner on the labs, but each student must do his/her own writing project. (Collaboration or copying = cheating.) See Writing Project Guidelines.

Sept 15 or Sept 18: Limits & Derivatives & Writing Project 1 part A : Download Lab1A-Fall2014. Open with Mathematica, follow directions, etc. Due September 26 at the beginning of class. Revised September 17 and 18.

Sept 29 or Oct 2: More Limits & Derivatives & Writing Project 1 part B : Download Lab1B-Fall2014. Open with Mathematica, follow directions, etc.

Oct 20 or Oct 23 Lab: Graphing with Computers & Writing Project 2 part A : Download Lab2A-Fall2014. Open with Mathematica, follow directions, etc.

Nov 3 or Nov 6: Graphing with Computers and Newton's Method & Writing Project 2 part B : Download Lab2B-Fall2014. Open with Mathematica, follow directions, etc.

Nov 17 or Nov 20: Riemann Sums, Antiderivatives, Integrals & Writing Project 3 part A : Download Lab3A-Fall2014. Open with Mathematica, follow directions, etc.

Dec 1 or Dec 4: Riemann Sums, Antiderivatives, Integrals & Writing Project 3 part B : Download COMING SOON. Open with Mathematica, follow directions, etc.