Calculus II: Math 152-02, Spring 2009

Instructor: Michael Pelsmajer
office: E1 206, phone: 567-5344, email: pelsmajer_(AT)_iit_(DOT)_edu
office hours: anytime, but please make an appointment
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Basic Syllabus
Specific Course Information for Math 152-02 Spring 2009
class meetings: MWF 10:00am-11:15am in LS 121,
                     and W 3:15-4:30pm in SH 237 (lab) or SH 204 (recitation)

[Advice] [Homework Assignments and Quizzes] [Wednesdays 3:15pm-4:30pm] [WeBWork] [Writing Project] [Disabilities]

Exam 2 postponed to Wednesday, April 1

Everything we covered since the Exam 1, up through Appendix G (Wednesday's class, March 25)
There will be a review session at the ARC on Sunday, March 29, run by Hannah Kolb, at the ARC. Probably 6pm-8pm.

Exam 1 on Friday, February 20

Everything we covered up through Section 8.5 (improper integrals and D.E.s will not be on this exam)
There will probably be a review session at the ARC on Thursday, February 19, 6pm-8pm, run by Hannah Kolb.

Advice, Tips

There is an excellent, well-organized collection of tips here: Success in Mathematics. I wish I wrote it! You should read it right now, and reread it later in the semester (e.g., a week before the first exam)! You can skip Section 2.2 (Polya's four-step process), but everything else is very relevant for Math 152-02 this semester.

If that's not enough for you, here are a few more sources of high quality advice:

Seek out the math-specific tutors at Academic Resource Center (ARC), and the instructor outside of class.

Homework Assignments and Quizzes

There will be written homework assigned every day, and you should do it before the next class. Some of the problems will be starred (*), and these will be handed in once a week on Friday. The other problems will not be graded, but: (1) you still have to write them out legibly, and save them in a folder or notebook, (2) you have to check that your answers are correct on your own (you will be given the answers) and seek help if you don't understand.

There will also be WeBWorK-based homework.
(Revised policy on 02/04/09) WeBWorK will be assigned for each class, and it should be completed before the next class. The last-chance due date will be two or three days later, so that if you are unable to do some of the problems, you will be able to seek help (from me or from the ARC).

Class every Friday will begin with a short quiz. Quiz problems will be, in many cases, identical to the ungraded homework problems!

Assigned January 21 (due January 23)
Section 7.1, p391 #5,7, 18*,19, 23,25, 31
"IIT-Orientation" and "1-21-2009 InverseFunctions" from WeBWork which will be discussed during the lab today (SH 237 at 3:15pm).
Assigned January 23, 1:15pm
Section 7.2*, p427, read examples 12 and 13
Section 7.2*, p428, do #1,3,5,7, 13,14*, 78*, 79
Do "Natural Log" on WeBWork
Assigned January 26
Section 7.2*, p429 #61,62*
Section 7.3*, p435 #3, 23, 27, 31 (& why?)
Do "Natural exponential function" on WeBWork
Assigned January 28
Section 7.4*, p445 #21,23, 47
Do "Logs and Exponential" on WeBWork
(Due Friday, January 30, 10:00am)
Assigned January 30, 6:30pm
Section 7.6, p461 Read Example 9.
Section 7.6, p462 Do #63,66*,67,69 (Hint for #63: first break it into two parts)
Do "Jan30" on WeBWork
Assigned February 2
Optional: Read Section 7.8 Examples 4,9,10. Optional: Read Examples 6-8.
Section 7.8, p478, #1,2*,3,4*, 5,7,9,10*,11,12*,14*,15,17, 21,25, 40*,41,43,44*, 47,49,51, 53,55,58*,59,61
(You must show work for the written problems. Other than that, you don't need any special written explanations.)
You will be asked to present some of these problems during Wednesday afternoon's recitation section.
Hints: #49 multiply top and bottom by conjugate; #51 factor out an 'x';
Assigned February 4 (2pm)
Section 8.1, p493 #11,33,37
Do "by parts" on WeBWork
Assigned February 6
Read Example 9, p501
Do "trigonometric integrals" on WeBWork
Assigned February 9
Do "Trig substitution" on WeBWork
Assigned February 11
Do "partial fractions" on WeBWork
Assigned February 13 (3:45pm, by email)
Section 8.4, p517, #1a,3,5, 25, 29, 37
Read Section 8.5 (this is exam prep) and
p524, Section 8.5 #(odds except 53, your choice)
Wednesday afternoon will be a recitation on problems from p524-525.
This covers a majority of the material you need to know for the exam Friday.
Assigned February 16 (12:45pm)
Read Example 7 + "Warning", p549
Section 8.8, p551 #1, 5,13,15,31,33,35
Assigned February 18 (8:20pm)
Section 7.5, p453 #3,12*
Section 10.1, p607 #9,12*,13
Unusually, these are due Monday, February 23
(Exam on Feburary 20)
Assigned February 23 (12:25pm)
Do "DirectionFieldAndEulersMethod" on WeBWork
Section 10.2, p614, #1,2*,3-6,11 (an "equilibrium solution" is a solution where y is constant, i.e., where the derivative is zero)
Assigned February 25 (12:00pm)
Section 10.3, p622, #3,5,7,11,13
Assigned February 27 (actually Feb 28)
Section 10.4. Read Examples 2 and 3, and do #5 and #7.
Assigned March 2 (1:30pm)
Do "solving DEs" on WeBWork
Assigned March 4 (11:30am)
Section 11.1, p663, do #3, 11,13, 23, 24*,25,26*,27
Assigned March 6 (noon)
Do "parametric tangents and area" on WeBWork
Assigned March 9 (2:40pm)
Do "arclength and surfaces of revolution" on WeBWork
Assigned March 11 (12:00pm) Corrected Section 11.2 to 11.3
Section 11.3, p681-682, Read Example 9, paying special attention to the part of "b" about theta=3pi/2. (I don't recommend "Equation 3" - the p682 "Note" is better.)
Section 11.3, p683, Do #1,3,5,7,9, 15,16*,17,18*,19,20*, 29,31,33,34*,35,37,39,41, 50*, 56*, 57, 65
Assigned March 13 (1:30pm)
Section 11.4, p686-687, Read from Example 1 through Example 3
Section 11.4, p689, Do #5,11,21
Assigned March 23 (1:00pm)
Section 11.4, p689: Set up integral(s), but do not finish solving these problems (because it would take too long) #18, 24-27, 29,31,32, 45,48 (These are intended for Wednesday afternoon recitation.)
Appendix G, pA55, do #1,3,5,7,9,11,13
Assigned March 25 (12:40pm)
Appendix G, pA55, do #23, 29,31,33,35, 37,39,40*, 43,44*,45
(Review for Exam on March 27 and March 30)
(Exam on April 1)
Assigned April 3 (12:00pm)
Look at p710. Section 12.1: Read limit laws (p714), review Boxes 6,7,9 and Example 10.
Section 12.1, p720, do #5,9,11,16*, 17,19,21,22*, 25, 28*,29, 33,35,36*,38*
Assigned April 6 (2:00pm)
Read Examples 4 and 5, p726 (Section 12.2)
From Section 12.1, p721, do #59,61
From Section 12.2, p730, do #11,13,15,16*,17,18*, 43,44*, 47,48*,49
To Be Assigned April 8
From Section 12.2, p730, do #9, 21,22*,23,25,26*,27,32*, 35,36*,39, 52*, 65
Assigned April 10 (12:30pm)
Read Example 2, p735, and Box 1 p736
From Section 12.3, p739, do #9, 15, 17, 22*, 23
Read p757 to see where we're going with convergence testing for series.
Assigned April 13 (11:45am)
From Section 12.3, p740, do #33,34* ("correct to three decimal places" means that the error is less than 0.0005)
From Section 12.4, Read all of page 742.
From Section 12.4, do #3,5,7,9,12*,15
Assigned April 15 (11:30am)
From Section 12.4, do #23,25,26*
From Section 12.5, do #5,7,9,13,19 (for #19, see example 9, p716)
(These are due Friday at 10am.)
Assigned April 17 (12:30pm)
From Section 12.6, do #2*,3,5,7,13,17,20*
Assigned April 20 (12:00pm)
From Section 12.6, do #21,23
From Section 12.8, do #3,5,16*,19,23
Assigned April 22 (12:00pm)
From Section 12.9, read examples 3 and 5, and do #5,6*,8*,15,23
(These are due Friday at 10am.)
Assigned April 24 (12:00pm)
From Section 12.10, do #1,2*,7,13,15,17,18*
Assigned April 27 (12:00pm)
From Section 12.10, read examples 6 and 11, and do #33,41(w/Maple),47,56*
Assigned April 29 (10:00am)
Part of the work must be done with Maple. Hand this in via Blackboard. (The problems from April 24 and April 27 are to be done on paper.)
From Section 12.11, do #3,4*,13,18*,29
Assigned May 1 (11:00am)
From Section 12.10, p782, do #26*,27,45
Assigned May 4 (12:00pm)
(Not Physics:) From Section 12.7, p758, do #1-14. Recomended: Read Section 12.7
Assigned May 6 (12:00am)
Study p794 #1-12 (except #2,6b,7b)
From Section 12 review, p795, do #1-3, 27,29, 40-42, 45, 47-51

Maple Labs & Recitations

January 21, 3:15pm in SH 237
Introduction to WeBWork
(After today, WeBWorK is part of homework.)

January 28, 3:15pm in SH 237
Go here, and follow the instructions. (Although most of you have used Maple before, this will help refresh your memory, and probably you will learn some new things, too.)
Then, do Lab #1. (Right click on the link, save as "[your-name]-Jan28lab", open it from within Maple, and then follow the instructions.)
Due date: Tuesday February 3, 5:00pm
Please submit Lab #1 via Digital Dropbox in Blackboard

Although this is said in The Guide, let me repeat it here:
Do not struggle for hours by yourself without making progress. Get help. February 4, 3:15pm in SH 204 (Note the location!)
Recitation. You will be given a list of problems that you can present. You get 1 point for attempting a solution, and 5 points if you get it right. By the end of the semester, everyone must have at least X points... where X might be 15, but I'm not sure yet. If there's time, you will also have an opportunity to ask the TA for help. February 11, 3:15pm in SH 237
Do Lab #2.
Due date: Tuesday February 17, 5:00pm
Please submit solutions via Digital Dropbox in Blackboard February 18, 3:15pm in SH 204
Recitation (and review for Exam) February 25, 3:15pm in SH 237
Do Lab #3.
Due date: Tuesday March 3, 5:00pm
Please submit solutions via Digital Dropbox in Blackboard March 4, 3:15pm in SH 237
Do Lab #4.
Due date: Tuesday March 10, 5:00pm
Please submit solutions via Digital Dropbox in Blackboard
That was suboptimal. In case you're doing this late, do this one instead: Lab #4 v2. March 11, 3:15pm in SH 204
Recitation (parametric, polar, diff.eq.) March 25, 3:15pm in SH 204
Recitation (mainly polar; also complex, everything)

April 1, 3:15pm in SH 237
Do Lab #5.
Due date: Tuesday April 7, 5:00pm
Please submit solutions via Digital Dropbox in Blackboard

April 8, 3:15pm in SH 204

April 15, 3:15pm in SH 237
Do Lab #6: Writing Project.
Initial Due date: Tuesday April 21, 5:00pm
Please submit solutions via Digital Dropbox in Blackboard

April 22, 3:15pm in SH 204

April 29, 3:15pm in SH 204

May 6, 3:15pm in SH 204
Recitation (and review for Exam?)

Writing Project

Math 152 is a designated Writing/Communication-Intensive Course at IIT. To fulfill this, there will be a project assigned about midway through the semester. (More about this later.)


Much of the homework this semester will be made available on the Web and will be answered on the Web. We will be using WeBWorK, an internet based method for delivering homework problems to students over the internet.

How do I use WeBWorK?

Here are the basic steps on how to get started.

NOTE: Most pages of WeBWorK also contain directions. Therefore, if you are ever unsure of what you should do, try reading the directions and descriptions on the page at which you are looking.

  1. Find a computer with access to Firefox (preferably), Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc.
  2. Open the browser and go to the WeBWorK page for your course. Here is a link to the page: HERE!.
  3. This will get you to the entry page of your course. This page includes necessary information about logging in.
    To log in, click on the 'Login' button.
  4. This will take you to a login page. Enter your login name and password, and click on the 'Continue' button. Please note that you will not be able to login until shortly after classes start.
    Usually, your login name is your IIT login name (your iit email address, minus ""). Your initial password is your Student ID number (a.k.a. Banner CWID), consisting of an "A" followed by 8 digits.
  5. If your login is incorrect, you will be told so, and you can return to the login page and try again. If you are persistently unable to log in, see your professor.
    If your login is correct you will see a page where you can do following:
  6. If you are printing out a problem set or looking at a summary of your homework scores, you are done. If you are viewing a problem set via a browser, you will see a page with the problems in the set you chose. To view and/or answer a problem, click on the number of the problem and click on the 'Get Problem' button. Notice that there are different modes of viewing the problem: 'plain text', 'images', etc. Text output can be hard to read if a problem contains complicated mathematical formulas, so it is better to view the problem using the 'images' or 'jsMath' mode. The 'jsMath' mode may not work appropriately on older browsers.   Once you choose a problem and click on the 'Get Problem' button, you will see the text of the problem with boxes for your answers. If you wish to submit a solution at this time, enter your answer(s) and click on the 'Submit Answer' button. If you are working on a problem set that is already closed, you will have the option to see the correct answer. To see the correct answer, just check the box(es) and click on the 'Submit Answer' button (you do not have to enter an answer to see the correct answer). Once you have submitted an answer, you will be told whether your answer is correct or not. If not, you may be able to try again. The instructor sets the maximum number of available tries for each problem. This may be a finite number of tries or it may be unlimited. After you've tried a problem, you can either go to the next problem, the previous problem, or see the list of the problems again.
  7. If you want to check the status of your problems (e.g. to double check that your answers have been recorded), use the "Prob. List" button at the top of the page to see the problem list page.
  8. When you are finished, log out using the "Logout" button at the bottom of the page. This may be very important if you are working close to the deadline for completing the assignment. If you close your browser without logging off, it will be at least half an hour before you will be able to log on again.

WeBWorK Tips for Math 152-02 Spring 2009

Things to know

What are the advantages of WeBWorK?


Disabilities Statement

Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with documented disabilities. In order to receive accommodations, students must obtain a letter of accommodation from the Center for Disability Resources and make an appointment to speak with me as soon as possible. The Center for Disability Resources is located in the Life Sciences Building, Room 218, 312-567-5744 or