Math 152-03, Spring 2014

MATH 152-03: Calculus II
Spring 2014

!!!Course Information!!! including grading scheme, etc.
ADA Syllabus Statement
Standard Syllabus for Math 152 at IIT

Teachers and Tutors

Instructor: Michael Pelsmajer
Office: E1 206
Office Hours: Monday and Friday 11:30am-12:30pm, and by appointment. To arrange a meeting, talk to me before or after class, or send an e-mail with a list of convenient times.
Office Phone: 312-567-5344 (but e-mail is usually better)
E-mail: pelsmajer_(AT)_iit_(DOT)_edu

Teaching Assistants: Many, mostly Ph.D. candidates in Applied Math
Shared Office: E1 129
Office Hours: Schedule

Lab/Recitation/Grading TA for Math 152-03: Adam Rumpf
Office Hours: Fridays 10:00am-1:00pm

Peer Tutors, Exam Reviews, and more: Academic Resource Center (ARC) in Hermann Hall

Writing Center (for help with Lab Reports)

For any non-academic problem, a good first option is the Counseling Center.

Worthwhile Advice

"How to Ace Calculus (and How to Ace The Rest of Calculus) provides humorous and readable explanations of the key topics of calculus without the technical details and fine print that would be found in a more formal text." (Plus useful stuff like "Twenty Most Common Exam Mistakes".)

An excellent, well-organized collection of tips: Success in Mathematics. I wish I wrote it.

How To Study Math. In a nutshell, sleep enough, and start everything ASAP. Which is common sense: okay. What's interesting is that it explains why this is particularly important for mathematics.

How To Read Mathematics and/or How To Read Mathematics. In a nutshell, don't expect it to go smoothly. It's not like reading a novel. (Click links for advice on what to do.)

Getting Started with WebAssign

Our Class Key is "iit 5033 2723".
Follow the instructions: Student Quick Start Guide.
Also, you should probably change your Notification settings: Once you've logged in to WebAssign, look in the upper right corner for "Notifications | Help | My Options", select Notifications, etc.

Schedule of Topics

Each day, you can see what we plan to cover during the lecture, lab, or recitation. This information is maintained in a Google Calendar.

To add it to your IIT Google Calendar: log in to MyIIT, use Google Apps to get to the Google calendar, find the box labelled "Add a friend's calendar", and paste the following into that box:

(If you run into any trouble, or if you know a better way to do this, talk to me.)

Exam Schedule

There will be three exams held during regular class meetings on February 19, March 31, and April 30, and a cumulative final exam on Thursday, May 8, 8:00-10:00 a.m. (Final exams are all scheduled by the registrar.) The exams are in the usual lecture room, WH 116.

Thursday afternoon schedule

Every Thursday, there is either a Mathematica Lab in Stuart Building rooms 112E and 112F or a Recitation in Perlstein Hall room 109.

Jan 16, lab in SB 112EF: Introduction to Mathematica and Exponential Growth
 - Right click and save IntroductionSpring2014.nb. Open it with Mathematica. Etc.
 - Ask for help as needed! That's why we're here.
Jan 23, recitation in PH 109: Trigonometry Review
Jan 30, recitation in PH 109
Feb 6, recitation in PH 109
Feb 13, recitation in PH 109
Feb 20, lab in SB 112EF: Experiments with Sequences
 - Right click and save Feb20-2014.nb. Open it with Mathematica. Etc.
Feb 27, recitation in PH 109
Mar 6, lab in SB 112EF: Messing with Taylor Polynomials
 - Right click and save Mar05-2014.nb. Open it with Mathematica. Etc.
Mar 13, recitation in PH 109
Mar 20, recitation in PH 109
Mar 27, recitation in PH 109
Apr 3, lab in SB 112EF: Direction Fields
 - Right click and save April03-2014.nb. Open it with Mathematica. Etc.
Apr 10, recitation in PH 109
Apr 17, lab in SB 112EF:
 - Right click and save Apr17-2014.nb. Open it with Mathematica. Etc.
Apr 24 TBA
May 1 TBA

ADA Syllabus Statement

Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with documented disabilities. In order to receive accommodations, students must obtain a letter of accommodation from the Center for Disability Resources and make an appointment to speak with me [the instructor] as soon as possible. The Center for Disability Resources (CDR) is located in 3424 S. State St., room 1C3-2 (on the first floor), telephone 312-567-5744 or