Discrete Applied Mathematics at Illinois Tech (DAM @ IIT)

Research Activities

Under the wide-ranging umbrella of Discrete Applied Mathematics, our faculty members work on theoretical, algorithmic, and computational problems arising in Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Algebra and Algebraic Geometry, and Discrete Optimization. Some of the specific topics we have worked on include: topological graph theory and various crossing numbers of graphs; chromatic graph theory including list coloring, DP-coloring, many other graph coloring variants; graph packing; largest subgraph problems; random graph models; combinatorial search; liar games and coding theory; horn formulas and hypergraph theory; computational algebra and systems of polynomials; algebraic statistics; statistical network models; network flow and combinatorial optimization.

We hold regular seminars, featuring local as well as national and international speakers and attendees.
Recent Speakers: Laura Albert (Wisconsin), Amin Bahmanian (IL State), Emily Barnard (DePaul), Kenneth Barrese (Brescia), Michael Barrus (Rhode Island), Tanya Berger-Wolf (UIC), Anton Bernshteyn (Georgia Tech), Debra Boutin (Hamilton), Steve Butler (Iowa St), Dan Cranston (VCU), Logan Crew (Waterloo), Michael Ferrara (NSF), David Galvin (Notre Dame), Sommer Gentry (US Naval Academy), Benjamin Grimmer (Cornell), Sogol Jahanbekam (SJSU), Iyad Kanj (DePaul), Diego Klabjan (Northwestern), Sasha Kostochka (UIUC), Sarah Loeb (HSC), Ruth Luo (South Carolina), Kevin Milans (WVU), Alexander Nikolaev (SUNY Buffalo), Will Perkins (UIC), Lev Reyzin (UIC), Bruce Sagan (Michigan State), Michael Santana (GVSU), Marcus Schaefer (DePaul), Songling Shan (IL State), Papa Sissokho (IL State), Zixia Song (Central Florida), Andrew Suk (UCSD), Michael Tait (Villanova), Doug West (UIUC), Stephanie van Willigenberg (British Columbia), Xuding Zhu (ZJNU).

IIT Discrete Math Research Seminar. (Recent talks; Forthcoming talks.)
IIT Non-linear Algebra Research Seminar. (Recent Talks; Forthcoming talks.)
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