Math 454/553 Graph Theory/Discrete Applied Math I

Instructor: Hemanshu Kaul

Office: 125C, Engineering 1
Phone: (312) 567-3128
E-mail: kaul [at]

Time: 1:50pm, Tuesday & Thursday.
Place: 119, Engg. 1 Bldg.

Office Hours: 3:15-4:15pm Tuesday and Thursday, and by appointment.
Emailed questions are also encouraged.

Problem-Solving Session: 4:45pm-5:45pm Tuesday, at 106, E1 bldg.

Graduate Teaching Assistant: Chris Mitillos; cmitillo [at]
TA Office Hours: 1:30pm-4:30pm Monday, 129, E1 Building.

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Course Information:

The Course Information Handout has extensive description of the course - topics, textbook, student evaluation policy, as well as other relevant information. Read it carefully!

What is this course really about? Required reading.

The official course syllabi.

Advice for students:

Excellent advice by Doug West on how to write homework solutions in a course like this. Required reading.

Why do we have to learn proofs?
Understanding Mathematics - a study guide
On a more abstract note, here is a discussion of Language and Grammar of Mathematics - which is what you are starting to learn in a course like this.

Excellent advice for math majors, especially those planning to go on to graduate school, by Terry Tao, 2006 Fields medallist. Required reading.

Class Announcements:


Homework Assignments:

Words like "construct", "show", "obtain", "determine", etc., typically mean that proof is required. Full credit to most problems requires proof of statements made. Use sentences; you cannot give a proof without words. Results covered in class can be used without proof if you state/refer to them correctly.

Warm-Up Exercises: These problems review basic concepts. Think about how to solve them to clarify your understanding of the material before attempting the written problems.
Suggested Problems: If you have time, think about some of these for extra practice.
Written Problems: Students registered for Math 454 have to submit a total of FOUR out of the SIX problems, while students registered for Math 553 have to submit a total of FIVE out of the SIX problems. Please follow the rules for problem selection in each HW.

Class Log:

Links for Additional Information: