Summary of Papers and Select Presentations

Hemanshu Kaul

Papers and Publications

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The Summary of all Papers in a [PDF] file
Last Updated August 2011.

Select Presentations

Fall Coloring of Graphs
a newer talk by my student

Some Open Problems

Temporal Scale of a Dynamic Network
Same talk for a general math audience

Finding Large Induced Subgraphs: Graph and Hypergraph Knapsack
A newer version

Resource Allocation under dependencies and the Graph Knapsack Problem

Graph Packing and Degree Sequences

Guarding an Orthogonal Art Gallery

Finding Maximum Series-Parallel Subgraph

Finding Maximal Bipartite Subgraphs

Finding Large Subgraphs: Algorithms

Graph Packing: Towards Bollobas-Eldridge Conjecture

Graph Packing: Extending the Sauer-Spencer Theorem

Distinguishing Chromatic Number: Breaking Graph Symmetries through Coloring

Kauffman NK Model: A Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization Model for Complex Systems